Our Mission

"To be in service, by co-creating manifestations with healing intentions that give potent results.  To share the (r)evolving art form of flow tool dance world-wide through inspiring performance, expansive education, and the production of innovative, quality products. Empowering people of all ages to embrace their own, unique healing potential, while giving them the tools needed to support them on their personal growth paths.  Therefore, playing a role in furthering Global Transformation!"

Our Current Offerings


Welcome to 2015….but it all still applies!

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CHECK OUT OUR NEW personal growth
and transformation program!

the Kundalini Flow Arts 6-Week Online Course
-Deepen and expand your practice.
-Learn how to use your flow art dance as a catalyst for change.
-Create the life you love to live.

Includes: 6 Pre-recorded Class Modules, Online Videos,
eBook, Blog, Private FB Group, Live Q & A calls twice a month,
a One-on-One Life Coaching Session with Kandice,

Next Session:
NEW Virtual Course launch DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED soon!

Find out more and to register:

Want to know what a Group Coaching Call is like first?
Have a listen to our Group Coaching Call, recorded on Tues., Jan. 14th:

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Local Sebastopol HoopDance Workshops!

New Dates and Locations to be announced soon!


For more info, please go to the
Hoop Classes Page!


Recent Blog Posts

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  • No Electricity = More Power!: The last 2 days have been truly interesting, challenging and rewarding at the same time! The electricity in our area has been down (not working) for some time now, and it has given us an opportunity to slow down for a moment and focus on other things.  The timing of this black out is quite […]

Fulfilling Our Mission By…

Offering a variety of services, including: Holistic Hoopshops™, Holistic HOOPdance Retreats™, Holistic Hoopology™ courses, hoopdance classes, fire hoop playshops, private lessons, & teacher trainings.

Participating in/ Contributing to Special Events, such as; Festivals, Fairs, Expos, Private Events, Public Shows, Retreats, Special Occasions and Gatherings of all kinds.

Providing our Flow Zone a.k.a. ‘flow tool play environments’, giving flow tool demonstrations, and various performances (duets/solos/group shows) with an assortment of flow tools, specializing in hoops.

Offering an assortment of quality items for purchase found on our SHOP pages (and in the menu on your left), including; Holistic Hoops™, Practice Hoops, Polypro Hoops, Flex Fire Hoops,™ Illumi-Hoops™ (LED hoops), Flight Hoops™ (Fire and Light hoops), other Flow Tools, accessories and maintenance items.

Sharing information on our Hoopology Pages

Visit our Education pages to find out more about:
Upcoming Holistic Hoopshops™, Holistic HoopDance Retreats, hoopdance classes, fire hoop playshops, private lessons, Holistic Hoopologist™ teacher trainings, Kundalini HoopDance Telecourses & Retreats and how you can schedule one in your area.
To book a Holistic Hooping event in your city, contact us directly at: booking@holistichooping.com