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-About 98% of our television appearances are on VHS tapes. It has proven to be a long process to find someone with integrity that can transfer this data to digital files successfully and efficiently. If you can do this, or know anyone that does this kind of work, we would appreciate the connection.
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Product News Channel:
This past July (2009), Kandice and Andrew were interviewed by Betty Biodiesel 'The Ambassador of Cool Green Fun', at the Marin County Fair. She inquired what we do at Fairs/Festivals, asked about hoops in general, and why our Holistic Hoops are different. Then, she encouraged us to share something about how we are becoming more Green, and we gave information about our new Organic, Natural hoops, called Grass Hoops. We also told her about our contributing 15% of all Grass Hoops sales this year to the
Gyre Clean Up Project!

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