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Collapsible Hoop Bags

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These Collapsible Hoop Bags are ideal for the traveling hooper!

Hand-made out of heavy duty canvas, they were created to easily carry our multi-piece collapsible hoops.
With our beautiful rainbow logo embroidered on the bag and a handy shoulder strap- they are sure to catch the eye!

They come in 3 sizes:
~Small is excelent for our 8-piece polypro hoops.
(and only fits 1 hoop, made of short pieces)

~Medium is ideal for our 5, 6 or 7-piece polypro or Flex Fire hoops.
(and can carry up to 3 hoops)

~Large is best for our 4-piece polypro, Flex Fire, Flight or Illumi-Hoops.
(and can carry up to 5 hoops)
There are 3 color options: