Flight Hoop™ (Fire/Light Combo)

Starting At: $230

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Flight Hoops™ are a combination of Fire and Light- bringing together the best of both worlds!


First you may choose how many Flex Fire Spines you want on your Flight Hoop.

Then, you choose which Illumi-Hoop model you want your Flight Hoop to have.

Then, you decide if you want it SANDED for FREE, or if you want it taped, $5/ color choice/ hoop.

* If you are ordering 6 or more hoops, please contact us to place your order. *

You can order each of the models below in one of two forms.

BASIC illumi-hoop= 'partially' coil-down collapsible (to fit in suitcase), with wall adapter charger, must remove and turn over battery to turn the hoop on/off. This model is $150

UPGRADED illumi-hoop= 'partially coil-down collapsible (to fit in suitcase), charger with wall adapter AND car lighter adapter, that plugs directly into the side of the hoop, and has an on/off button ON the hoop (no need to remove battery). This model is $200

LED/ COLOR choices below:

-the SELF illumi-hoop™- a single colored hoop.

-the DUALITY illumi-hoop™- a two-colored hoop.

-the TRINITY illumi-hoop™- a three-colored hoop.

(Color choices: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, warm white (similar to candle light), cool white (similar to moon light)).

-the AURA illumi-hoop™- a slow fading RGB rainbow hoop (melodic/ ethereal/ beautiful).

-the PSYCHE illumi-hoop™- a fast-blinking RGB rainbow hoop (glitzy/ glittery/ glamy).

-the MERKABA illumi-hoop™- a COMBO Psyche/ fast-blinking RGB & Aura/ slow-fading hoop (combination of the above two illumi-hoops).

-the COSMIC RAINBOW illumi-hoop™- a gradation of single color LEDs, creating a rainbow.

Cosmic Rainbow #1- SOLID colored rainbow around the entire hoop. (red, red, red, orange, orange, orange, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green, blue, blue, blue, purple, purple, purple)

Cosmic Rainbow #2- Alternating colors to create 3 rainbows around the hoop. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, repeated 3 times)

-GEMINI illumi-hoops™- two matching LED hoops of your choice

-2-MODE illumi-hoop- add a second line of LEDs (any model type) for an extra $50

-Make any model a 2-piece collapsible for $120 more! (makes 2 mini LED hoops)

-Make any model 4-piece collapsible for $240 more! (makes 12 different configurations)

-We can make almost any custom illumihoop variations you desire for an extra charge…just ask!

Additional 1/2" Cloth Tape & 1/2" Glitter Tape available for $5.