LED illumi-hoops™

Starting At: $150

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LED Hoops- lightweight and made to last! Chromatherapy in a hoop- you can choose a solid color, a color combination, or rainbow color changing RGB LEDs; energized for your nighttime pleasure.
Complete with wall charger to re-charge your batteries!  Comes in 'partially' coil-down and multi-piece collapsible forms, with many options, hand-made to order by REAL HOOPERS!

Our high quality Illumihoops™ are sturdy, durable, bright, long-lasting and rechargeable!

Our Illumihoops™ use Lithium Ion technology with built-in battery circuit protection, delivering full brightness to the LEDs until about the last ten-minutes of its’ charge. This means that the LEDs operate at their fullest potential for almost the entire time the hoop is turned on. Unlike other LED hoops with nickel metal hydride batteries that start to dim from the moment they are powered on, these lithium-ion battery hoops do not dim until they are just about to power down! Now, that’s a smart LED hoop!

Our standard sized hoops (over 36" O.D.) are filled with 22 super bright LEDs, unless otherwise specified during a custom order.
Smaller sized (36” O.D. and under) tend to have 18 LEDs, unless otherwise specified during a custom order.
You can custom order as many as you want, and there will be a fee for each additional LED.

All illumi-hoops come SANDED for FREE.
Or you may choose tape additions for $5 per color.

* If you are ordering 6 or more hoops, please contact us to place your order.

You can order each of the models below in one of two forms.

BASIC illumi-hoop= 'partially' coil-down collapsible (to fit in suitcase), with wall adapter charger, must remove and turn over battery to turn the hoop on/off. This model is $150

UPGRADED illumi-hoop= 'partially coil-down collapsible (to fit in suitcase),has an on/off button ON the hoop, battery is removed to charge, the charger is a wall adapter only. This model is $175.

LED/ COLOR choices below:

-the SELF illumi-hoop™- a single colored hoop.

-the DUALITY illumi-hoop™- a two-colored hoop.

-the TRINITY illumi-hoop™- a three-colored hoop.

(Color choices: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, warm white (similar to candle light), cool white (similar to moon light)).

-the AURA illumi-hoop™- a slow fading RGB rainbow hoop (melodic/ ethereal/ beautiful).

-the PSYCHE illumi-hoop™- a fast-blinking RGB rainbow hoop (glitzy/ glittery/ glamy).

-the MERKABA illumi-hoop™- a COMBO Psyche/ fast-blinking RGB & Aura/ slow-fading hoop (combination of the above two illumi-hoops).

-the COSMIC RAINBOW illumi-hoop™- a gradation of single color LEDs, creating a rainbow.

Cosmic Rainbow #1- SOLID colored rainbow around the entire hoop. (red, red, red, orange, orange, orange, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green, blue, blue, blue, purple, purple, purple)

Cosmic Rainbow #2- Alternating colors to create 3 rainbows around the hoop. (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, repeated 3 times)

-GEMINI illumi-hoops™- two matching LED hoops of your choice

-2-MODE illumi-hoop- add a second line of LEDs (any model type) for an extra $50

-Make any model a 2-piece collapsible for $120 more! (makes 2 mini LED hoops)

-Make any model 4-piece collapsible for $240 more! (makes 12 different configurations)

-We can make almost any custom illumihoop variations you desire for an extra charge…just ask!

Additional 1/2" Cloth Tape & 1/2" Glitter Tape available for $5.