Polyethylene Flex Fire Hoops™ (partially coil-down collapsible)

Starting At: $130

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Intended for the beginner-intermediate fire hooper…This hoop weighs in at 11-ounces (with 5 spines) and 13-ounces (with 6 spines)!

These durable, sturdy, more weighted (than the polypro) fire hoops are made for those who want a little more substance to their hoop.

The ‘original’ flexible fire spine has been redesigned, using lightweight, durable, flexible cable.
Each spine (with pumpkin wick attached) now weighs only 33g!
These spines have been thoroughly tested to absorb impact during contact with many surfaces.
Used by professional fire hoopers world-wide, this flexible-spined design is a tried and true ‘winner’ capable of withstanding extreme use!
Made to last- this fire hoop is virtually indestructible!

For travel or storage, the spines with hybrid wicks can be easily removed/replaced with a single wrench and minimal experience.

Your fire hoop comes untaped and sanded for extra grip!

Although, you can choose to have it taped for a small fee.
Taking special care to wrap the hoop safely and attractively- we use durable, gripping cloth tape with accents of reflective color.

They come with one push-button connector, so that you may ‘partially’ coil it down to fit inside a suitcase!

All Flex Fire Hoops are made to order with your very own specifications!

Additional 1/2" & 1" Cloth Tape, 3/4" Vinyl Tape or 1" Reflective Tapes available for $5.






Tubing Sizing Chart


HOOP SIZING: We measure our hoops according to the O.D. (outside diameter) of the hoop. This means that if you were to use a measuring tape, you would hold one end of the tape to the outside edge of one side of the hoop and stretch it across the length of the hoop, ending at the outside edge of the other side of the hoop. This is the hoop’s O.D.

What is the O.D. box for?

-If you already know the size hoop you enjoy using, then you would enter it in the box provided when you make your hoop order.

Why should I enter my Height and Weight Range?

-If you don’t know what size hoop would suit you and your needs, then you should simply enter your height and weight range into the fields provided. We have a simple equation that will give us an approximate measurement for the best sized hoop for you.

Typically, the best size for you is determined when you place the hoop on the ground, holding it upright- the hoop should come up past your belly button, but below your chest line. Somewhere in this range is a good size for you.

Closer to your chest line is ‘larger’ and closer to your belly button is ‘smaller’.

Beginners tend to gravitate towards ‘larger’ and ‘heavier’ hoops, because they move slower, allowing the user more ‘time’ to create dance moves inside the hoop. As your understanding of the hoop’s movement grows and your hooping skills improve, you will find that you will want a smaller and smaller hoop.