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Kundalini Flow Arts
Virtual Class

(an Online Course and Group Coaching Experience)

How would YOU benefit from achieving and maintaining more FLOW in your life?
What would it be like if you had more grace and ease in ALL facets of your life?

Kundalini Flow Arts Virtual Course

Hello Flow Family!

Let me ask you a few important questions:

    •    What would your life look like if you KNEW you can accomplish anything?
    •    Where would your path take you if you were always following your heART, your passion and your purpose?
    •    How would your relationships change if you always operated from a place of unconditional self love first and foremost?
    •    How would your life be effected if you took more time to be playful?
    •    How would your physical body experience change if you were more in touch with your subtle/energy body?
    •    What would you manifest in terms of _(relationships, business, living situation, etc.)____ in your life if you were given the knowledge of how to create anything you envisioned?
    •    How would your life transform if you had the perfect tools to support you in navigating the difficult parts, so that you do not get lost in a sea of emotion or challenges?
    •    How would you feel if you did not have old/stagnant energy patterns holding you back so that you can move forward boldly and empowered?
    •    How would your life be more fulfilling if you had more aliveness?
    •    How would your flow arts/ dance practice shift if you adopted/embodied a holistic perspective/model? (i.e not just doing it for exercise, weight loss or for show?)

…what would be possible for you, if ALL of the above was made available to you?

Well~ here it is~
your chance to access ALL of this information and
be gifted with the opportunity to take those next steps in
your personal growth and transform your FLOW practice! 

Kundalini Flow Arts is all about the 'ART OF FLOW IN LIFE',
not just our flow art dance! 
Because, as we access our innate flow within our body/ dance practice, (the art of 'letting go') we then begin to witness it elsewhere and experience more universal FLOW in ALL areas of our lives!  

NOW is the time to consider how your life would improve, if you only…
~took more time 'for yourself' out of your busy schedule to do the things you enjoy
~integrated more dance/ play into your daily life to bring you more happiness
~had the tools needed to move from 'breakdowns' to 'breakthroughs'
~were given full permission to shine your brightest light in all areas of life
~would do the things you love & be surrounded by those who support you always
~would understand where your real power lies and how to access it
~could remove old energy patterns and reprogram your DNA for optimal health
~knew more about your energy body and how to activate your kundalini
~understood your chakra system, how it effects your daily life &
what you can do to create sustainable results that improves your overall well-being
~could amplify your intentions and create/ manifest WHATEVER you dream up!

With dance/ flow arts as a catalyst for CHANGE and EMPOWERMENT you can have everything you have ever dreamt of.  
If you are ready to understand your power of MANIFESTATION and TRANSFORMATION, then this is the course for you.  

Whether you are a seasoned Flow Artist (dancer, hooper, staff/poi/fan spinner, yogi, etc.)
or just starting on your flow path or are only curious about it all, you will be supported on this
JOYerny, wherever you are at, being guided towards the life you choose for yourSELF!

Kundalini Flow Arts Virtual Course

~Payment plans offered.
We are here to support your manifestation powers in any way we can!
If you WANT it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Please contact Kandice at:

or call: (7zero7) 87four-two3eight7

Want to hear about a past participant's experience?
Have a listen to Michelle Anthony's Testimonial!

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This special home-study course has 3 programs to choose from:


~(6) Pre-recorded Group Coaching Sessions, One module each week will be sent via e/mail and posted to the site.

~An eBook version of our publication “Primordial Spin~ Inter-Galactivation Guidebook”, filled with oodles of information, activities, personal journal prompts and beautiful artwork.

~Online videos: “Setting Sacred Space” and “Introduction to Mudras” that will assist you in establishing the energy of your Kundalini Flow Arts practice.

~Online video: “Hoop Yoga” that guides you through Holistic Hooping's Hoop Asana warm-up/ stretching sequence (still a great warm-up even without a hoop).

~Online videos: “Moving for each Chakra, guiding you through the Kundalini Flow Arts experience!

~A ONE-HOUR, personal (one-on-one) Life Coaching Call
with your Kundalini Flow Arts guide- Kandice Korves-Kaus.

~Special Guest Speakers, world-renowned Flow Artists from each field, interviewed and posted to the site once a month!

~6-months access to all course materials on the PRIVATE 'students only’ page of the Kundalini Flow Arts site.
Where all of the materials, videos, recordings, and resources are listed for your continued/ future reference,
which allows you to take the course at your own pace!

~Lifetime Access to the Kundalini Flow Arts Family Private FB Page, where you can communicate and share with all of your fellow participants,
co-creating a supportive flow comm-UNITY circle.

~Two LIVE Q & A conference calls per month, with the participants who are taking the course at that time.
Send in your questions via e/mail or text and they will be answered LIVE on the call!

~Continuous e/mail support with Kandice throughout the program and beyond!  Have a question, ask anytime!



~ALL of the ABOVE, PLUS…

~LIfetime Access to all the Course Materials

~THREE more personal coaching sessions with Kandice
Your choice of a combination of Life Coaching Calls, ThetaHealing Sessions,

Entreprenuer Mentorship and/or Skype Private Lessons!

~Plus, unlimited access to Kandice's growing list of 'RAD RESOURCES' for personal growth, transformation and empowerment!


GOLD PROGRAM includes:

~ALL of the ABOVE, PLUS...
a one-time-only chance to get ONE of our other New Programs, at the BIGGEST discount ever!  

Become an even more devoted member of our 'Holistic Hooping Circle'!
Your choice of the following programs, each to be launched later this year!

Holistic Hoopologist (Teacher Training)- value: $999
Flow Art Mentorship Training- value: $888

Get your GOLD PACKAGE today!

Kundalini Flow Arts Virtual Course



Want to know what a Group Coaching Session is like first?
Have a listen to our Group Coaching Call, recorded on Tues., Jan. 14th, 2014:

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Please note: the above Kundalini Flow Arts Virtual Course will be a pre-requisite for entering the Holistic Hoopologist Initiation.
It is important to us that you actually go through the exerpeicne yourself, before learning how to share it with others.

Holistic Hoopologist Initiation
(Teacher Training Program)

~This incredible LIVE tele-course offering is currently in the making, and will be unveiled at some point soon!

The Program will include:
~Weekly Conference Calls, our Teacher's Manual, online tutorial videos, private FB page for the group, continued support on your JOYerny.
~Life Coaching skills, personal development exercises, self-help tools, and other various healing modalities for your toolbelt.
~Important information about a Sprit-Focused Flow Arts Practice, and it's connection to mind, body, spirit health and well-being.
~Numerous resources to compliment your own research, allowing you to further connect the dots between:
flow, dance, hooping, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga, subtle energy, Kundalini energy, the 7-Chakra System & more!
~Powerful tools for personal growth, development and empowerment that you can offer your students.
~Curriculum outlines, ideas and suggestions for integrating these concepts into the class offerings you share.

The Result:
~You will receive a Certification to teach/ share 'Holistic Hoopology':
Personal Transformation through a spirit-focused Flow Arts Practice.
~You may use our Holistic Hooping logo in your marketing strategies.
~You/ your website will be listed on our parent website, linking you to the Holistic Hooping commUNITY.
~You may purchase a Domain Name for your website from us
(we have over 40 hoop/spirit/holistic/flow-based domain names to choose from).
~You will be share a Hoopology that has been in practice for over 12 years and counting.

~You will be able to integrate it into ANY Flow Arts class you teach, even if you are certified elsewhere,
(this information can be included into any certification program you may have already gone through).
~You can grow/expand on these ideas and concepts and share them with other Holistic Hoopologists
for their use and sharing with their students! 

Be a part of the process- follow your passion, create your purpose, move forward on your path!
Join your new family in spreading the Holistic Hoopology love!

Stay tuned for more information soon!!!

~Please note, this is for ALL Flow Arts Teahcers-
Holistic Hoopology (as in the HOOP of life),
focuses on DANCE as a catalyst for Transformation,
whether your tool is a hoop, poi, staff, fans, buugeng,

or anything else, you CAN incorporate the knowledge,
information and terminology shared during the Teacher Training.

For more information, or any questions you have, please e/mail: